According to me.

It’s an intermittently rainy and sunny afternoon,  and I am sitting in a gallery style cafe, drinking infinitely better coffee than the last place  (although that had floral curtains which made up for  any  culinary downfalls.) And here, it begins. My new blog.  As I type these words, the sun literally has broken free from its cloudy prison,  and I need no further sign that this venture is well placed, well timed and well overdue.

What is this blog going to be about? Well, it’s going to be about life as I, Antonia Edgeley-Long, see it. The things that I see, feel, experience and reflect upon frequently (perhaps too frequently) revolve around; love, or lack of same, relationships, heartbreak, running away and moving on, and the difference (is there one?) between the two  perspectives. Romantic relationships should not perhaps be the core of every girl’s world, but they often are, and if this is a crime, it is one that I am certainly guilty of, and if it is a crime which takes victims, then the victim is most certainly myself. I have found ways to cope, but also many ways to perpetrate and perpetuate these crimes against myself. These ways are  essentially what I will share in this blog. Maybe my perspectives are crazy, my experiences unique, my ideas off the wall, but, I suspect not. I think that perhaps some of you might identify with what I am saying to some degree, and anyway, these are stories which need to be told.

Welcome to my world.